About Jeans Walker Bags

Section 1: The Walker Bags

Jean’s walker bags are special gifts for seniors because the straps connect from one side of the bag to the other, rather than on both sides of the bag like traditional purses and tote bags.  This allows you to strap them across a bar or rail.

Walker Bag Handles
Walker Tote Handles
Straps Attach Across sides

What are the walker bags made of?

The walker bags are made of a sturdy cotton blend.

How big are they?

The bags should fit most walkers and strollers. They are 14.5″ wide by 12″ high (they are about 17″ high including the straps) and an inch and a half broad.  The outside pocket is 7″ x 8.5″ wide.

Are they weather resistant?

As the walker bags are made of a cloth cotton blend, they ideally should not be used outside in the rain.  The rain could seep through to the contents of the walker bag.

Can I use walker bags for other purposes?

Yes!  While they are primarily used on walkers, you can also use them for other purposes, such as on hospital/home bed rails, strollers, some wheelchairs (measure first), shopping buggies, and you can even carry them on your arm.

Section 2: Ordering Your Walker Bag

How do I order a walker bag online?

When you find the bag (or bags) you like, simply click the “Add to Cart” button beneath the bag(s) of your choice.  This will add the walker bag to your CCNow shopping cart, and allow you to immediately check out or continue shopping.  If you choose to “Continue Shopping” you can return to the check out cart at any time by clicking “View Cart and Checkout”.

You can also pay with PayPal or a personal check.  There is always the option to mail in an order.

Please note that as a security feature, our new credit card system will not allow us to process your order for you.  The system tracks the computer from which the order originates, and if the computer is in a different region from the credit card billing address the card will be declined.  Therefore we can no longer take phone credit card orders.

How much is shipping?

Special – Standard US shipping is currently free!  Standard shipping and handling for one walker bag is $3.95 in the USA.  For two walker bags, the shipping cost is $4.95 and $5.95 for three.  For international shipping rates, please contact us.

How fast are the walker bags shipped out?

Our walker tote bags are shipped out (with love) first class once weekly, from the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.  Expect arrival within two weeks.

I want to buy a walker bag as a gift for someone.  Will you ship it to them?

Absolutely!  As you’re checking out, you will be required to enter a shipping address.  Just put the walker bag recipient’s address here, and in the “Optional Notes” section you can also leave a note we’ll give to the recipient. We never include receipts if the billing and shipping addresses are different.

How safe is my credit card transaction?

When you get to the checkout screen and are ready to enter your credit card information, your browser will probably display a little lock symbol somewhere near the bottom of your screen.  This is because CCNow has a “Secure Sockets Layer” encryption code, keeping information safe.

This is from our credit card company, CCNow:

CCNow makes use of many fraud-prevention measures to help protect our clients, however, not all methods are published.

Some procedures include:

* AVS (Address Verification Service) on all U.S. orders.
* The credit card security code (CVV/CID) is required for all credit card orders.
* As a CCNow client, you can set various options in the “Settings & Options” screen which provide even greater address verification protection. For example, you can refuse to ship to online shoppers only within the U.S., the U.S. and Canada, or ship to all countries. You may refuse to accept alternate shipping addresses.
* Our system sends orders to clients only after the credit card company has reported a successful authorization to the online shopper’s account. This means that by the time you receive an order from CCNow, the online shopper’s card has already been pre-authorized.
* CCNow encourages our clients to use protective measures when dealing with online shoppers and shipping products. Please view our Client Tips page for these useful suggestions.
* We maintain a “negative file” of online shoppers who have committed fraud or caused product return problems for our clients in the past. These online shoppers cannot make a purchase from any CCNow client until they pay for the products that were ordered.
* Occasionally, an online shopper must complete the Manual Authorization process.

We also accept PayPal.  Years of experience with PayPal has proven their effectiveness and utmost concern for customer privacy and security.  You can always mail a check if you contact us first and let us know to set aside a bag for you.

What about refunds?

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the walker bag or it doesn’t fit your needs, you can send it back for a complete refund as long as you pay shipping and the walker bag is returned in the same condition it was sent.